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Brand Strategy

Insight driven strategy is key to maintaining a strong brand core while balance between multi-dimensions of evolving brand personality. more

UX Design

UX goes beyond just the Web. Physical and various digital channels need to work coherently to provide a holistic consistent brand experience.  more

UX Architechture

Smart and effective architecture is the foundation of all great digital experiences. Good architecture simplifies the UI to let content be king.   more

Human Insights

Great strategy and design come from deep human insights and empathy of business stakeholders, team members and end users. more

Rapid Prototyping

Traditional wireframes are no longer sufficient for designing ever enriching digital experiences. Rapid prototypes help connect the dots. more

Business Design

Before designing a new product, service, or experience, it is essential for a client to have a well designed business first. more



Having completed his degrees in Applied Physics, Arts Criticism and Human Computer Interaction (HCI) with Ergonomics, Boz’s vision is to merge science and art, in search of the ultimate harmony of “the self” and “the other”, the “inside” and the “outside”, the “virtual presence” and the “physical reality”…This leads naturally to his career path in Experience Strategy and Design. In Chinese, design (设计) literally means strategic planning. Boz believes a holistic creative process starts with human centric strategic insights. 


Prior to establishing BOZ UX, Boz has been working at Critical Mass, a global premium digital agency as an Associate Planning Director, specialised in brand / digital strategy and experience design directions. Before joining CM, Boz has led the User Experience team at CP+B Canada (Crispin Porter + Bogusky, overseeing the experience strategy and design through all digital channels. Boz’s agency experience goes back all the way to Zig, a Toronto based award winning creative agency and Elsevier Interactive, a digital agency specialised in Pharmaceutical clients. Having worked as a user experience director and senior experience architect for many years in the agency world, Boz has worked on gaining core insights through research and discovery, collaborating with clients, account, creative and technology departments to develop digital strategies, bridging technology and design to create persuasive and engaging experiences for many award winning projects. 


From retail, e-commerce, telecommunications, media / entertainment, gaming, hotel / resorts, to health care / pharmaceutical and e-government, Boz has a broad range of industry experiences. With multifaceted skills like business analysis, user research and testing, user centered design (UCD), usability / accessibility analysis, digital strategy, information architecture, experience design and prototyping, Boz has guided innovative digital work for many clients, including Molson Canadian, Molson Coors, Richard’s, IKEA, Toshiba, Microsoft, Unilever, Best Buy, Toys “R” Us, New York Fries, Pfizer, Bayer, Merck Serono / Organon / Schering Plough, CAMH, OPA, Tourism Toronto, Evergreen, Ministry of Health Promotion Ontario, CREA, Scotiabank, Nissan to name but a few.


Digital Marketing Awards – Gold – AXE Showerpooling, Digital Marketing Awards – Silver – Mothers Against Climate Change, ADCC Awards – Merit – Digital – Special Events – Molson Gear Up For Gold, ADCC Awards – Merit – Digital – Best Use of an Existing Platform – Molson Gear Up For Gold, ADCC Awards – Merit – Online – AXE Showerpooling, ADCC Awards – Merit – Microsite / Special Events – YTV The World’s Longest Signature



Boz The Strategist


Boz believes design thinking come from the power of great insights. Being able to bridge eastern and western philosophies, connecting art with science and find insights through holistic empathy, Boz helps bring harmony and success to your business.

Boz The Scientist


With an honoured degree in Physics, Boz’s vision is to merge science and art, in search of the ultimate harmony of “the self” and “the other”, “digital presence” and  ”physical reality”. Boz’s unique approach to design is a result of balancing innovative analytical thinking with a fearless creative mind.

Boz The Artist


Boz is a self-taught visual artist, a passionate audiophile, a seasoned collector of retro vintage things, a hobby interior designer and overall a creative thinker. Art is in Boz’s blood, but what’s more important for Boz is the freedom creativity brings him.


When working with Boz, he is able to articulate the best practice approach while speaking intelligently, cooperatively and passionately about a proposed solution.

Jeff Pontes, Director, Digital Strategy at Sobeys

Boz is a creative person that always brings a fresh eye to any problem.

Lora Connor, Digital Marketing Manager at Blue Ant Media

Boz possesses the powerful ability to think in terms of macro strategic processes as well as minute detailed ones.

Jason Wasiak, User Experience Designer at Electronic Arts

Boz’s expertise in UX is top notch and he’s always thinking about the bigger, strategic picture.

Sabrina Kandasamy, Digital Marketing Director at Tourism Toronto

Boz was magic to work with when it came to understanding how people truly navigate the online landscape and what is really important to them.

Sarah Di Domenico, Writer at Red Urban Toronto

Boz tactfully navigates the often treacherous waters of designer/developer relations. He translates seemingly abstract ideas into concrete UI elements and flow while satisfying creatives, designers, developers, clients, and users.

Wasim Singh, Director of Operations at Jupiter Spotless

Boz’s dedication to detail is relentless. He’s like a mechanic – tinkering to the wee hours with his machines to make them roar. He’s passionate about his work and is always up for the challenge.

Anthony Del Rizzo, Sr. Digital Art Director at Anthony Del Rizzo Design Communications

Boz’s credentials and experience are impeccable, and his passion for his work is truly inspiring. He brings an infectious enthusiasm to every project, and I find myself drawing knowledge and wisdom from him with every new challenge we undertake.

Stephanie Cameron, Content Strategist at Baby Robot


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